• hey, you wanna have a podcast?

    awesome. we wanna help you.

    Hi! We're Kir + Julia - we always wanted to have a podcast but we kept putting it off, again + again. Until one day Julia hit record (in her car, on her phone... we like to keep things simple).


    She immediately told Kir..




    And then Kir said...



    Julia then said...




    And, in true CLICKbranding fashion we launched + we launched FAST


    Within 1 week we had 100 applications and sold out our program with 20 students ready to launch their podcast in 30 days... in Dec, which you know is a crazy month!


    What's even MORE crazy is that in December 17 of the 20 students launched their podcast (and 2 students launched 2 podcasts) and we're working with the other 3 to make sure they do too... let's just say they're babies are coming any day now, their podcast mama's are a little past their due date that's all.

  • Podcast Baby 4.0 is by invitation only


  • Meet our December 2020 Podcast Babies...

    2021 is the perfect year to share your message + your mission. We believe people are WAITING for you to say YES to your dream so they can say YES to theirs.

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    2021 is the perfect year to share your message + your mission. We believe people are WAITING for you to say YES to your dream so they can say YES to theirs.


    ALL our student get results because we have simplified the process of podcasting for beginners including working 1:1 with you to name your show + design your cover art!

    Week 1

    ✔️ your cover art done

    We'll work together 1:1 to brand your show... the title, tag line + cover art so you don't get stuck before you get started. True fact it took Julia 10 months to pick a name + cover by herself, we don't want that to happen to you!

    Week 2

    ✔️ your first episode recorded

    We'll show you how to record your first episode (audio only or video/audio) with the equipment you already own--- you don't need to purchase a thing. Once you know how to do this you'll want to keep recording!

    Week 3

    ✔️ your show published to Apple Podcast

    This week you're going to set up your show + upload your first episode. Should you wish to edit your audio, we'll show you how to do that too-- you don't need a podcast editor or VA!

    Week 4

    ✔️ using your podcast to grow your audience

    Of course once you have a show you're going to want to tell people about it + invite future guests... we have a system for that we'll share with you! We'll also help you see how your podcast fit into your overall 2021 marketing plan!


    All the support you'll ever need to launch your podcast in 30 days!



    direct access to kir + julia

    We're just a DM away, reach out to us anytime! We'll even give you our personal cell # numbers!



    with kir + julia + classmates

    Lessons are taught LIVE each week so you don't have to go to the teachable classroom. This is more like a college class than online course!



    for support day/night

    This community is exclusive to the Podcast Baby 2.0 Students to build connections + support + encourage each other!



    your podcast + your biz

    We'll help you nail down your marketing message + your audience so that your podcast is a catalyst for your business relationships!



    done with you design

    We'll jump on zoom 1:1 with you to design your cover art. You own the rights to the art + can use/edit anytime you want!






    replays + resources

    We know when you know what to find when you need to find it you won't get stuck. We're very good at organizing online classrooms to keep you movin'.


  • What our #PodcastBaby
    mamas had to say...

    Class of December 2020

  • This program get's you results.

    You don't need another course

    (you feel guilty for never finishing).


    You need a podcast !!!

    Stop consuming content + start creating it.

    🎤 Build new relationships, like WOAH!

    We couldn't believe how powerful our show conversations were for building new business relationships and acquiring clients! So much easier to interview someone and if it's a fit offer each other your services in a very organic way, than to waste time on sales calls.

    🎤 Nothing says LEGIT like having your own podcast!

    First of all you don't have to be on camera (although Julia's podcast is on video), all you have to do is talk to yourself or someone else. Giant pimple on your face or hate your double chin? Who cares your voice is what matters and now you get to show the world the expert you are.

  • Podcast Baby 2.0 is by invitation only


  • 5 years ago I bought a podcast course. It was great and overwhelming and I didn't know where to start...


    I bought a mic, a boom + microphone. And I never even recorded a single episode. I didn't know what to do in what order and so I didn't. ~julia


    We created PODCAST BABY so you don't have to wait 5 years to figure out your podcast on your own like us. We will both walk you step by step through the simple process we used to become published podcasters!

  • Your Instructors

    co-founders of CLICKbranding LLC

    julia slike


    branding designer + consultant

    obsessed with...

    • redefining business + life

    • the color pink

    • getting one more click


    Host of A Hair Obsessed Podcast

    + Co-host of Launching Simplified Podcast

    kir boncher


    NYC brand photographer

    obsessed with...

    • finding the best light

    • the font Avenir

    • getting one more shot


    Host of One Minute A Day Podcast

    + Co-host of Launching Simplified Podcast



    2021 is the perfect year to share your message + your mission. We believe people are WAITING for you to say YES to your dream so they can say YES to theirs.



    As marketing strategist and business/brand consultants for multi-passionate entrepreneurs we know you have a LOT of ideas, passions + interests.


    We also know you get stuck trying to figure out ALL THE THINGS you have to do for your online business.


    We think the most important thing you can do for your business– and the people waiting for your help– is to use your voice!


    Your podcast is the perfect platform to expand your reach, build new + meaningful relationships and find dream clients!


  • FAQs

    Q. What exactly is Podcast Baby?
    A. This is our high-touch group coaching program with the sole focus of helping launch your podcast within 30 days!


    Q. What's the difference between Podcast Baby and other podcast courses?

    Podcast Baby is designed for entrepreneurs who want to launch their podcast in 30 days and offers and unbelievable amount of personal support so if you get stuck we will literally get on a call with you and walk you through anything you need help with so that you stay on track and launch in 30 days. We basically care as much about your podcast as you do. You really don’t get this kind of high touch support in any other program.


    Q. How much access with I have to Kir + Julia?
    A. When you join Podcast Baby LITE, you’ll have LIVE weekly training sessions with Julia + Kir where we walk you through everything you need to know to launch your podcast! We are also very active in the fb group to respond to posts/comments.


    As a LUXE client you’ll have a 90-min private strategy session with both Kir + Julia. This is in ADDITION to the weekly classes + office hours. As a VIP client you'll also get ''unlimited'' coaching for 30 days inside the Marco Polo app.

    Q. What's the difference between Lite, Luxe & VIP?
    The LITE option is designed for entrepreneurs on a tight budget who want access to two high-level coaches, but not a high-ticket price tag. This is also a great way to get to know us! LUXE includes a 90-min strategy + 2021 marketing map; VIP includes all the perks of Luxe + ''unlimited'' coaching via Marco Polo when you need it.

    Q. Is this a course?

    Nope! Of course we have a curriculum/method to follow (we also teach everything LIVE), but Podcast Baby is all about helping you get out of the classroom and into action so that you launch your podcast in 30 days. Podcast Baby is beyond a course. It is like having a best friend podcast expert who holds your hand for 30 days and help you launch it!


    Q. What will I ''walk away with''?
    A. Your very own podcast will be published and on Apple Podcasts. Plus, your Canva art! You will 100% walk away with a podcast that you LOVE with branded cover art that you are excited about sharing with the world. If you don’t it’s because you completely ignored our emails, texts, trainings and office hours!


    Q. When are the live calls?
    Class is every Monday 5-6pm EST + Office Hours are every Wednesday 5-6pm EST. We stay on the line until all questions are answered!

    Q. What if I can’t attend the Zooms?
    A. Group coaching zoom calls are recorded. If you can not attend live, you can submit questions or materials in advance for review/feedback on the recording. The trainings will be in the teachable classroom for you to watch when you have time. If you don’t have time to get in the classroom we suggest you sign up for VIP and will personally walk you through the process!

    Q. Is this a program I'm going to get lost in and little or no personal attention?
    A. Hell to the no! It's our mission to keep our number of clients intimate and impactful. You just can not get the same results working with hundreds or thousands of clients/students. Currently, we're only accepting up to 20 clients into this experience. PODCAST BABY is a unique experience to get you a podcast and move your business forward in a profound way and create a legacy.


    Q. Do you offer a payment plan?
    A. YES! Because, once Julia was in a program that CHANGED HER BIZ.... she didn't have the $ to pay in full. There was a payment plan. She had JUST received a (small) payment from a client, enough to make the first payment! Had she not been able to "afford" that program, she'd STILL be spinning her wheels figuring out how to make money online and we would not have created THIS program!

    Q. What if I can’t invest in this experience right now?
    A. That’s ok,we have a $20/mo netflix style membership called LAUNCH SOCIETY where you can get our help on marketing/branding/business! Please note, not everyone who applies will be accepted. This program is by invitation only.

    Q. What if I change my mind?
    A. We only accept up to 20 people into PODCAST BABY at a time so this is only for people who are 100% committed to launching a podcast in 30 days. We are ALL IN and need our clients to be as well. There are no refunds.

    Q. How do I know I'm going to like you/your coaching style?
    A. Please see our clients rave reviews here.


    Q. I have a question I don't see answered here?

    A. No problem, just use the form below to send us a message and we'll reply soon as we can!

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